Frequent Asked Questions

Updated on 27 Apr 2019



Q: What is the maximum number of passengers allowed on a speedboat?

A: The maximum number of passengers allowed on a speedboat depends on the type of boat and license issued by the Marine Department. Usually, the maximum for a normal speedboat is 12 passengers. Bigger boats will be able to take more passengers.


Q: Are life jackets available on the speedboat?

A: Life jackets are available for everyone, except infants.


Q: Are life jackets available in small sizes? I have a small child travelling with me.

A: Life jackets for children are available. However, life jackets for infants are not available.


Q: What type of speedboat are you using?

A: We use fibre speedboats, powered by one or two engines.


Q: How many engines are there on the boat?

A: Usually one engine. Some speedboats have two engines.


Q: Can I request for a bigger speedboat with two engines?

A: No, you cannot, unless you charter the boat. It is subject to availability.


Q: Is the boat fully covered?

A: It is partially covered with a canopy roof.


Q: Can small babies take the speedboat?

A: Babies aged 2 and above can travel by speedboat. Babies below 2 years are not advised to travel by speedboat if the sea is rough. An infant aged 1 year travelled with us before. The parents will have to make the final decision.


Q: I am pregnant. Can I take the speedboat?

A: Pregnant ladies have travelled with us by speedboat before. It is absolutely at your own risk. Please inform us earlier if you are pregnant.


Q: I have a disabled person travelling with me. Will there be any problems when boarding the boat?

A: It might be difficult to board the speedboat. We will try to assist.


Q: Is the boatman experienced?

A: All boatmen have their own license and are experienced in driving boats.


Q: Is the boat in good condition?

A: Yes


Q: Can I take non-halal items on board the boat?

A: Not advisable. Most of the boatmen are Muslim.


Travel Advisory

Q: When is the monsoon/rainy season for Terengganu?

A: The islands off Terengganu will be closed from November to January. They will be open for business from February to October. The sea will still be rough in February, March and October. Do check before you make your booking.


Q: When is the best time to go to the islands in Terengganu?

A: Mid-April to end-September.


Q: Is there any ATM on the islands of Terengganu?

A: Please prepare cash. Some shops accept credit/debit cards.




Q: How do I make payment?

A: Click to pay when you make a booking. The payment system is supported by Billplz as the 3rd party solution provider.


Q: What currency do you accept?

A: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)



Q: How do I make a booking?

A: Go to the Traisea homepage. Select the travel date, time and destination, to make your booking.


Q: Is the online price the same as the walk-in price?

A: The online price is usually lower than the walk-in price. However, some destinations might have the same price. For peace of mind, you can book online to secure your tickets early.


Q:Is there any discount for senior citizens and persons with special needs (OKU)?

A: No