About Us

Traisea is a water transportation booking specialist. We aim to simplify your travel arrangements in Malaysia, especially when you want to travel by water taxi. Everything can be arranged online at your convenience, until you arrive in Malaysia.

We can help you to make arrangements for your boat or ferry transfer. For example, you can book a boat to get to an island, or a cruise on a river or lake.

Besides water transportation and aquatic excursions, you can also book other services through Traisea, such as airport transfers, jetty transfers and private boat tours.


Our Story

Traisea was conceptualised to fulfil a need. Working in the tourism sector, focusing on the pristine islands off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the founders Han and Jeffrey realised there was a need for water taxi booking services. It sparked a business idea that led to the establishment of Traisea. The rest was history. 

It started with a simple website, where all bookings were done manually. Our mission was to help the customers to book water taxis easily, ride happily and arrive safely.

Going through a learning curve, the processes were fine-tuned and improved on slowly. We are continually improving and evolving to better serve our customers. Happy customers are our top priority.

We partner with the local boat operators to bring you our water taxi service. All of the boats have valid permits, and the boatmen have valid licenses. All of them meet the requirements of the Marine Department. Their boats are also maintained in good condition. Life jackets are provided on board for the safety of passengers.


Make a Booking

How to Book a Boat

Please book a boat using the following steps.

Step 1:

Select your destination, date, time, number of adults, number of children, number of infants (below 3 years old), and name of the hotel/resort 

Step 2:

Make payment

Step 3:

Receive the e-ticket via email

Step 4:

Arrive at the jetty on time to board your boat


Boarding the Boat

Mainland to Island

If you are travelling from the mainland to an island:

Step 1:

Meet our representative(s) at Merang Waterfront Jetty/Marang Jetty/Shahbandar Jetty/Kuala Besut Jetty

Step 2:

Present your e-ticket to our representative(s)

Step 3:

They will handle your boat ride to the island

Step 4:

When you arrive at the island, please check with the boatman that you are at the correct destination before getting off the boat


Island to Mainland OR Island to Island

If you are travelling from an island back to the mainland, or travelling from one island to another island, please follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

We will send you the name of the boat through WhatsApp messenger 

Step 2:

Kindly wait for the boat at the designated jetty on the island

Step 3:

Before boarding, please check with the boatman that you are boarding the right boat


Hotel Shuttle

The hotel shuttle is the shuttle service provided between the jetty and the hotel on the island.

Usually, the service is provided by the hotel without additional charges. However, some hotels do not provide a shuttle service, so customers may need to pay extra charges to the hotel for it. If the boat stops in front of the hotel, then no shuttle is needed. Do check with your hotel before your arrival.

Traisea can make arrangements for the hotel shuttle service from the jetty to the hotel, on behalf of our customers.

For your departure, kindly inform the hotel about your boat departure time, so that the hotel will arrange the shuttle from the hotel to the jetty for you.


Airport Transfer

Airport transfer is the land transfer between the airport and jetty on the mainland or island (if there is an airport on the island).

You can book your airport transfer together with your water transportation.

We will have ground crew to meet and greet you at the airport, and arrange the transfer from the airport to the jetty and vice versa.